Rank1 prepares your IT infrastructure for tomorrow’s business challenges. Your corporate strategy and factors such as control, security, scalability and cost all determine the choice of architecture – on-premise, in the cloud or a combination. Rank1 helps you to make the right choice, implements solutions and provides helpdesk support and technology experts, all with the goal of leveraging as much value for your business as possible.


Collaboration often begins with a workshop where an infrastructure architect analyses your landscape, challenges and ambitions. Your roadmap will focus on finding the balance of manageability, peace of mind and cost. Rank1 realises solutions for enterprises and SMEs.


Rank1 is pragmatic, honest and transparent. Systems & data security and collaboration technology are key areas of expertise. Rank1 maintains robust partnerships with companies including Sophos, Cisco Meraki, Fortinet, Huawei, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services.



Rank1 is a growing team of 40 specialists in infrastructure architecture, security and collaboration technology. Rank1 has been uniting experienced infrastructure architects, project managers and systems and support engineers since 2013. The company supports major companies like Honda, PSA and P&V as well as SMEs like A&C Systems, CVR and Electro Zwijsen with a varied package of services.

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